We Lived Happily Ever After:

Hey there! I'm Hannah, and this blog is my happy place where I share all the things I love.

This blog is a compilation of all my crazy favorite things to do (drawing, digital design, building, crafting, designing) All my hobbies never really worked together until I started this blog, and I just have to say thank you to my parents for always encouraging me to do the non-conventional thing and follow my artistic impulses. I am SO happy I listened. Blogging & all my business (that have all come through this platform!!!) wouldn't have been possible without taking that leap of faith.

 Another thing you will see quite a lot of on here, is these two little balls of energy, June & Jason! They are also the reason why am not a daily poster. I mean, someone has to make sure June doesn't climb up the bookshelf to get her paints... and someone really should be there to pull the electrical cords out of Jason's month, right?! HA! They keep me on my toes.

I really only post things I love. I am not a "daily deal" site. I post when I am inspired, and all my content is the result of late nights, splinters, ice coffee, hard work, and lots of photos, blood, sweat, and tears!

p.s. Despite my erratic posting, I always post on Instagram when I have a new post up...just a tip!

Now for the best DIY I ever did: My Kiddos!

I LOVE being June's mommy. She's my little wildflower. She loves animals, singing when no one is watching & dancing. Oh, and she LIVES in her 4 princess dresses... in rotation. She's hilarious. :)

Jason has a nice calm personality compared to his sister. Oh yeah, and he loves "flirting" & is ALWAYS smiling. :) He has the cutest space in-between his two front baby teeth right now, and it is ADORABLE!

Backtrack in time before the kiddos... My husband, Silas, and I were highschool sweethearts & we got married pretty young. I was 19 & he was 21. When we started out, we lived in a tiny little red cabin like house in New England. It had the coolest arched A frame ceiling in the master bedroom (with lots of HUGE spiders who liked it too!) and we heated with a WOOD STOVE...!... In New England!!!  It's funny how you end up missing the things that made you miserable once... but not the spiders... never the spiders!

Fast forward two kids later: we do have working heat & running water. Yeah, we're fancy like that!

After graduating collage, the husband decided to join the USMC. I wan't sure about it at first, but then God gave me a real big peace that this was His plan for us. So I followed my husband around (with a one year old & our packed up jeep) for over a year as he completed his training.

That really sucked not being able to live with him for that period of time. But we are all good now. And how about all those bootcamp love letters I got? Priceless!

Now that we are at our current duty station, we spend our time building up our dream home.

So there you are... just a few glimpses behind the scenes into my life... but I left out the dirty dishes.., yeah... I am not a washing dishes type girl...

In the end, I just want to share that having personally started out with next to nothing possession wise, I found that you can still make your home a beautiful place. And that is what my heart is for this blog. To show you how to make your life beautiful. I freaking LOVE living in a beautiful home, and most people would probably think we spent a ton on our house & furnishings, (insert DIY'er chuckle) but I am dirt cheap when it come to designing. We've built, or redone most of our furniture. I mean seriously, take a look at how I did June's room in Florida for just $55.

It's a blast to create a life you love living, and that's what I hope radiates from each post!

Thank you to all of my sweet readers for your support, kind words, and encouragement. I wouldn't be able to do what I love doing without you!

XO Hannah