We Lived Happily Ever After: USMC Wife Life

USMC Wife Life

Let me start off by saying this ain't no "Army Wives" drama! Haha! Seriously though, I am so proud to be the wife of a member of our armed forces. It's a journey I never thought I would take, and I'm giving you the inside scoop on what it's like for me.

That's my baby right there! 
Yeah, I'm really lucky! ;)

Here's a collection of all of the posts I've put up about Marine Wife Life- basically what the process of joining & being in the Marines is like from the home-front (or at least from my perspective!)

Scroll down below the post index to read a summery of what it's been like so far for me! :)

Silas wanted to be a Marine ever since he was a little boy, and honestly, that was probably one of the things that initially attracted me to him in the first place. He was totally the military type (you know, cute, fit, athletic, very disciplined, dedicated, and hard working... ;) He had all the qualities without being in the military, and I liked that.

Growing up, one of my favorite sappy books was Rilla of Ingleside. I probably read it like 7 times. I was a sucker for war romances. Reading them, that is. Real world was a different story. Ironic, huh?

Both of my grandfathers were in the military. One during WWII and one during Vietnam. So I guess you could say it runs in my family. But I never pictured myself being a military wife. I didn't think I could deal with all of the emotional stuff that came with it. 

Who wants to have their husband work in a position where they may potentially have to make the ultimate sacrifice? Guess that's kinda selfish, but that's how I felt. 

When we were dating, Silas talked to me about joining. I told him I didn't want him to. I didn't want him to ever leave me! :P

Then we got married and he graduated from college. I thought I was safe. I had the man of my dreams without him being in the military. Are you laughing at me yet? 

Then we had our daughter, June and he told me that he wanted to join the Marines. Boy was I scared. No way did I want that for my husband.

I freaked out (internally) but was willing to think it through, after all I really wanted him to pursue a career that he was passionate about.

I prayed really hard for the next few months that God would open up the right doors and shut the wrong ones. All I really want in my life is to have the assurance of being in God's perfect plan for my life, and my husband being happy. Even if that means going out of my comfort zone.

Needless to say, I spend hours upon hours researching it all online. Mainly so I wouldn't have to ask "stupid questions" when the Marine Recruiter Office asked if I had any questions. :)

I prayed. A lot. And God showed me (in some crazy ways that I may share at a later date) that this was right where He wants our family at this time. Who can say no to God? 

Having that peace, the kind of peace that says "there is no safer place than the place where God wants you" helps me to pull through the tough times and have confidence that my husband is in the right place. A safe place. In God's Hands.

So I don't worry about what may happen with my husband's job. 

Right after June turned one Silas left for his 3 month Boot Camp. (Read more about what that was like for me here)

I was lonely.

Very lonely. I had family and friends to support me, but life was meaningless without the love of my life. 

Above is a terrible quality selfie of me with my first letter! Haha! :)

I lived letter to letter. They pretty much always came in bulk, and knowing that I wouldn't get any more for at least a week or two, I would try to space out reading the letters...but I usually couldn't resist the urge and would end up opening them all at once! :)

I wrote him every day (that's a lot of stamps!)

Then, I got to "see" him for the first time. That day almost made up for all the lonesomeness and heartache of being away, with close to no real communication for 3 months.

This is one of my favorite memories. The moment when June was finally back in her Daddy's arms. She hadn't forgotten him, and wasn't afraid, but just laid her head down on him and was her daddy's girl once again.

So I finally had him back... for a week.

And then he left for Military Combat School for an additional month. It was like Boot Camp all over again.

Finally he got to his MOS school (because of his specialty he has A, B and C schools in his MOS ranging from 1-4 long months each)

I was so excited because we would finally move down and be together. But then, due to the way things are at his MOS School, we had to wait for another two months.

So six months from the day when Silas left for boot camp, I finally was able to pack up our jeep and drive the 22 hour long stretch to come down and be with him, and that's where we are now. He'll be done with his B School in early December, and after his C school we will finally be somewhere more permanent (no more chasing him around the US!)

We haven't been through deployment yet (hope we never will... even though it comes with the job!) 

Some people say that military life is stressful on your marriage, and so far I kinda agree. However, how you deal with it can make or break your relationship with your spouse. I believe that there are two ways you deal with the difficulties of separation. You can 1) resent your spouse for it, or you can 2) choose to think positively about it. Every marriage is about commitment. You may have times of separation  but that will make you utilize the time you do spend together.

So far, military life is a whole different lifestyle than civilian life. It's hard to describe it, but you realize how much you took for granted as a civilian. I'm not sure exactly how it will turn out, but whatever happens, I am determined to keep my chin up & be positive throughout it.  

When I couldn't communicate with him (other than snail mail) for the first 3 months, I saw what a huge gap there was in my life without him. Honestly, it made me love him more (was that possible?) My marriage is something I will always treasure and hold on to. So basically I choose to think that absence grows my romance... and those dress blues don't hurt! ;)

I remember my grandmother telling us stories about how my grandfather, a sailor in the Navy, got married to her. They barely knew each other. As a nurse, she wasn't allowed to get married. But they did it anyways. He was deployed (during WWII) and wasn't able to have any communication for months. And then she found out she was pregnant. She was like, "What did I do? Is he going to run off and leave me?" and to top that off, she had to hide her pregnancy. When she finally did receive letters from my grandfather she had to burn them so the nurse practitioner wouldn't find them. Talk about tough. We are a generation blessed with communication!

Yet, with all those difficulties, and a long career with the Navy, my grandparents had the most beautiful marriage.

The more I prayed about it, the more I could see our family doing this. I am strong enough to do this. I will miss him like crazy every time he will have to be away from me. But I am proud of my husband for choosing to do this. Whatever comes our way, We will make it through together, with God's help. And that's how I hope to live my Marine Wife Life.