We Lived Happily Ever After: Chalkboard Wall Art Process Video "A Simple Life Is A Beautiful Life"

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Chalkboard Wall Art Process Video "A Simple Life Is A Beautiful Life"

It's been busy over here in the Hathaway Household. Lots of catching up on projects, teaching toddlers to read, working late, and just "life" happening.

Even though we have officially taken all our Christmas Decor down, I still haven't fully replaced it with "neutral" decor yet.

One of the things I was finally able to change up was our chalkboard wall. This is what it looked like for the holidays, and I didn't want to take it down becuase it looked so pretty. Haha! 

I decided to take advantage of it though, and show you all my process... in a video.

But to sum it up, here's my workflow:

1. I sketch out a faint outline of my text.

2. I go over & fill in the sketch with a thicker outline of chalk.

3. Using a paintbrush & some water I correct & erase any uneven lines.

This last step is just fine tuning, but I find it helps make my lines smoother.

And here is the actual video of me chalking it up! You'll notice near the end I actually erase & re-draw part of the right side. It just din't look "full" enough for me. It's hard to get something right the first time, so I encourage you to keep on stepping back during the process and looking at the overall wall. You want a similar amount of negative space between each letter, so try to avoid big gaps, like the one I corrected.

As far as materials I used: Just plain old cheap white chalk from walmart. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. That's so cool! Looks beautiful and I love your kitchen!

  2. Very cute. Love the cup of water and paintbrush tip to clean up the edges. Do you sharpen your chalk?