We Lived Happily Ever After: Farm House Charm

Friday, December 30, 2016

Farm House Charm

Sometimes I have a sudden urge to create... and I go crazy at 100 mph creating fun, wonderful things! It brings me so much joy to build & invest in our little home even though we don't plan on living in here for more than another year. While I can't totally reno it the way I want my forever space to be (aka shiplap, rustic beams & flooring, etc) I love creating temporary decor to make this space feel more and more like us.

Last night I made this cute little sign to replace my Better Not Pout sign. I am seriously in love with it.

Next thing on my to do list is switch out my chalkbaord design. I think I'll try to keep it up a little longer, becuase I am so in love with how it looks right now.

I wanted to share a quick, fun process I used to trace out the lettering onto this sign.

I usually either write directly onto signs, or use my printing transfer method (here

Last night I was lazy and did the following:
-I wrote out what I wanted on a lined piece of paper,
- Drew like crazy with lead pencil on the back of my paper
-Centered & laid it out on top of my sign. 
-Lastly, I traced over the letters on the front of the page, which left slight traces of pencil lines.

Then I traced back over it all with a sharpie. It couldn't be more simple. And please forgive my crappy late night photos above. I don't always craft in perfect lighting (blogger problems) Lol.

The lettering isn't prefect, but neither is anything else in my life. Haha! I am always saying that it's a good thing I like the rustic look, because none of our builds & home projects ever turn out "perfect." But they are perfect for me! :)

Our Christmas decor is pretty much all down, but I am still going to utilize candles, twinkle lights & garlands for a while. I just love winter decorations!

I think I decided that this pine garland should become a permanent decoration here. Haha!

That's it for now, hope you all are having a great day (It's my 6th wedding anniversary today! :) XO

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