We Lived Happily Ever After: DIY Toddler Shanty Chic Artist Desk

Monday, August 22, 2016

DIY Toddler Shanty Chic Artist Desk

We have a little artist in our family named June. She loves drawing unicorns, animals, family portraits, my best friend's puppy, and Rapunzel with mile long golden hair.

We decided something must be done to transition her from drawing on my raw pallet wood (not the type of "character" I want in wood- lol!) and making marker stains on the couch and floor.

So we built her a shabby chic desk. It was a super rough build since we used our leftover 2x4's, scrap shelving boards, and some pallet wood. 

Basically, my husband built a box with hinges and a lid on it, and put legs cut at an angel for the tilt. 

Then I distressed the heck out of it (whacking it, scraping it, you name it!)... it's what I do best. 

The cute little seat is a stool from TJ Maxx. 

And guess what? She still colors on the furniture instead of her desk. Little Rebel! ;)

End of post.

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