We Lived Happily Ever After: DIY Pendant Light

Thursday, March 17, 2016

DIY Pendant Light

Hey guys! Have you ever had a light-bulb idea go off in your head- well I did! Haha! 

So we had these little dangling overhead lights in our breakfast area.... and they were pretty much just "meh."

They were origionally a vibrent blue and yellow mosaic pattern, which was so not my style. SO for a quick fix when we moved in, we sprayed them white with a heat resistant spray-paint. Much better, but I still wasn't loving it.

One day I was dreaming of doing a hanging Edison Bulb light somewhere in our house, and I literally couldn't think of a good place to justify buying one (to justify to my husband, that is. Lol!)

And then:


I was like, "I can unscrew the shade things in the kitchen for the same effect!"

It was such a simple fix too- I did it while the kids (and my husband) were napping on a Saturday.

First, I unscrewed the light bulb, making sure that the switch was off, and that they were cool to the touch.

Then I carefully screwed the shade off,

You can see a little bit of the painter's tape blue color it originally was on the top.... yuck.

Then I screwed the bulbs back in. My hubby doesn't like the orange Edison Bulb glow, so we just stuck to the original bright ones.

I put the "lamp cover things" in the garage in case we want to put them back up when we sell.


It's much more subtle, which is what I wanted because of the awesome barn door hutch and arrow thing we have going on.

Here it is form the side.

And  here's a pic of them on at night. They look so good in real person, and the room is much brighter with them this way too.

It's like 1000% better than the original.

That's it for now. My husband got called into work overnight, so he has the day off. yay! 

Hope you have a wonderful day everyone!


  1. Love it! ...and the extra splash of green you added to the area.

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  3. It's amazing what a simple change can do, I love the look of the exposed bulbs! And your breakfast area color scheme is so great I had to pin it, thanks for sharing!

    Krystal | http://floradelsoul.com/