We Lived Happily Ever After: March 2015

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Free Rustic Hand-Drawn Graphics

Hey guys! Being a mommy to two kiddos has really slowed things down for me these past few weeks. Yesterday was supposed to be my big "get things done" day... but then Jason was super fussy and clingy, so I wasn't super productive with the blogging and business side of my life. Honestly, most days I feel behind. For example: right when I answer the 50 unread emails in my inbox, another 20 new ones appear... ugh. But I love this crazy life I have! :)

And I am super excited because I FINALLY got around to photographing the nursery yesterday(!!!!) It's been ready for weeks, and it isn't being used, so everything is in "ship shape" condition. I just needed to force myself to go in there and do it. Haha! I'm hoping to have the big reveal up on the blog this week. Now to edit all the photos. :)

In the meanwhile, here is a fun digital graphic freebie for you all.

If you are having issues using this download link, please reference my FAQ post HERE to troubleshoot it.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Happiness is Bunnies & Watercolors- A Collection of Free Watercolor Easter Graphics

 So I have been spending most my "maternity leave" dabbling in watercolors, kissing Jason's baby head, snuggling with June, remodeling the new house with Silas, and netflixing. #livingthelife Haha!

Seriously, I am so blessed. I love my life. God has been so good to my little family. Even though I am currently being woken up by a newborn 3-4 times a night (or rather one long stretch from 2:30-6 am haha!) and have 20 baby pounds to lose, and stretch marks all over me, I am SO happy. My husband is an amazing loving man, and my kids are such a joy to me. I am just soaking it all in. With Easter right around the corner, I wanted to share some of my happiness with you by giving you all some free Easter Graphics today, because, what is happier than bunnies and pastels?

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Little Baby Hands & Feet

On March 1st, Silas and I welcomed Little Jason Tate Hathaway into the world! 

Apparently our babies like to be punctual, because they were BOTH born on their due dates. What are the odds of that? Silas said that Jason wanted to beat June, because with her my water broke at 7 am, but with Jason my water broke right at 12 am. 

I was SO ready for him to come. I had resorted to doing all sorts of crazy labor inducing things... like eating a huge can of pineapple, only to find out it's FRESH pineapple, not canned, that works.

When I woke up at 12 am on March 1st and felt like I might  be leaking. Ironically, I didn't want to go to the hospital because I was so comfortable in bed... and I really didn't want to have to labor through the night because I am not an early morning person. Haha. 

Funny thing is, I had zero contractions. But since I was Group Strep B positive, I had to go to the hospital as soon as my water broke so I could be started on antibiotics. So I woke up Silas (who apparently had heard a "pop" similar to the one that we both heard when my water broke with June) and we grabbed a few things, I put on makeup (because that's a priority, haha!) and drove to the hospital.

Once I was admitted, they did a test on me to see if  the leaking I felt was amniotic fluid. It came back positive, so I got to stay. Yay. They had to start me on pitocin, because my contractions didn't start up, despite Silas and I walking up and down the halls of the hospital at 2 am.

It's all very hazy, but I think they started me on pitocin at around 4 or 5, and I got the (amazing, wonderful, did I say amazing?) epidural at around 6.

By like 7 I was dilated to a 4 (whoohoo.... not) then they checked me again, and I was like a 7 or 8. The nurse told me it would probably be a while, but to call her if I felt extreme pressure. She left the room and a minute later I called her back because I felt tons of pressure. She checked me again, and I was almost a 10. I did like two pushes and she told me to stop (because the midwife wasn't there yet)  I wasn't even trying to push, but my contractions were doing all the work for me and he was coming despite my efforts to just breathe through that contraction. 

It hurt so bad, even with the epidural, but literally two pushes later and my little 8 lb 3 oz  boy was out. 

He had to be put on oxygen for an hour because there was so little adjustment time during labor; but he is a very healthy, perfect baby & we are so blessed to have him join our little family!

I can't wait to see them play together!

Below are a bunch of photos from our first few days, because lets face it, no birth story is complete without loads of cuddly newborn photos!

I have such cute kids, so I couldn't just pick one photo!!! I am one blessed mommy!

I'll hopefully little Jason's nursery soon. There are so many cute elements I can't wait to show you all! 

Well, he is telling me he wants to be held... gotta go! XO

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Free Floral Gaphics

Hello Everyone! Today I have some pretty floral graphics for your digital designing. This collection would be especially perfect for wedding invites! In case you want them for cards, but don't have them time to create them yourself, I made a free printable version that you can download and print HERE.

If you are having issues using this download link, please reference my FAQ post HERE to troubleshoot it.

Monday, March 9, 2015

DIY Wood Block Animals

Hey you all! You can probably expect me to be MIA  for a while, because I have a cute little newborn on my lap as of March 1st, and I am seriously sleep deprived right now! Haha! 

Isn't he a cutie? I'll probably do a post with tons of photos of him, but in the meanwhile, you can see more photos on my Instagram or Facebook

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

"It Is Well With My Soul" Free Printable

Hey Everyone! Recently I have had to constantly remind myself what a beautiful life God has given me. Sure it's not always perfect, but it really is wonderful & it's MY CHOICE to be content and see the joy in everything! I really do believe that a positive attitude can shift your circumstances, and just make life happier for everyone!