We Lived Happily Ever After: June's Flower Crown...

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

June's Flower Crown...

I took an impromptu photo shoot with my baby girl wearing a flower crown I made her, and I couldn't resist posting them here.

I used a floral crown that was just greenery, and added some flowers and shrub branches from our yard.

You wouldn't believe how many photos I had to snap to get a good shot! Oh, and my memory card was almost full, so I had to keep on deleting the bad ones to take more, while June was saying, ""I'm done, mommy, I'm tired!" So I just told her to pretend to sleep. Haha!

She really is a wild little soul & I love her with all my heart.

I just had to include this one to show you how hard it really was to get decent photos, haha! Foot in mouth! This was her way of telling me she was bored and "all done" with me taking photos of her. Lol.

Her laugh  is the cutest thing ever!

Those feet! <3

Oh yeah, and for those of you not on instagram, this is how she woke me up last recently... June has quite a big personality!!!  Haha!



  1. I found how hard taking picture of my kids with style of course as I can see that you success manage June to get cute pictures although she gets boring at the end. Nice picture of you June! http://startadaycareservice.com

    1. It isn't easy, but as long as they aren't crying, and are somewhat still, you can still get some cute shots! Lol! XO

  2. There are several moments that I have success taking pictures of my kids by accidentally and it looks natural. Cheers!