We Lived Happily Ever After: Free Vintage Graphics Volume 1 + How to Make Leterpress Effect

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Free Vintage Graphics Volume 1 + How to Make Leterpress Effect

There is just something beautiful about things that have stood the test of time. Today's freebies is all about vintage graphics. There were so many though, that I had to break it up into two lists! Volume 2. Will be posted early next month!

The above graphics can be located and downloaded by following the corresponding numbers on the image, with the ones in the list of links below:

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 

To download the ones in this collection, you will have to sign up for a 7 Day Totally Free Trial with Graphic Stock, where you can download up to 20 images a day. If you don't want to be enrolled in the paid "unlimited download" membership, simply cancel before your seven day trial is up.

To start your seven day free trial, go HERE.

If you want to just go ahead and sign up for a membership without the free trial, I have a 80% off discount code for you HERE. 

Again, if you do not want to use Graphic Stock past the free trial, PLEASE cancel your subscription so you won't have to pay for the membership. 

Now for the tutorial on how I made these pretty graphics look "aged" and "worn by time" by digitally letter pressing them.

First, open up your graphic in photoshop & use the magic wand tool to select your graphic. If you need more help with how to isolate your graphic, see this tutorial HERE for some basics.

Next, open up an inky texture, like the one found HERE  or HERE from Graphic Stock. (I just layered them on top of each other until I got a dense, splattered texture & then flattened the layers by linking them, and going to Layer>Merge Linked.) Press your textured background layer.

Left click your selected layer and press "feather" I like to add at least a 0.2 feather to my selections to make sure they aren't pixelated. The larger the image you are working with, the more crisp your edges will be.

Press ctrl + v and hide your other layers.

Voila! Beautiful letter pressed digital graphics that look like a beautiful, effortless vintage design! 


This post was sponsored by Graphic Stock, and affiliate links are included. All opinions are my own, because I only promote things that I love and think you will love too! :)

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  1. Really loving the letterpress look lately. I've been wanting to take a class at a nearby printmaking center, but now I can't wait to try this technique out!