We Lived Happily Ever After: DIY Pallet Nightstands (With Plans!)

Thursday, January 8, 2015

DIY Pallet Nightstands (With Plans!)

Exciting things are happening for me this year. A new home (1st time home buyers here!) and a new baby due in March are the two biggest ones. With all that said, I have my hands full with our "fixer upper" and my nesting urges (need to get that nursery done NOW!!!)

One of my very favorite things to do is take something that I got for free (in this case, pallets) and transform it into something beautiful and functional for my home.

We made these "wood scrap pile nightstands" earlier this year for our bedroom while we lived in base housing. If you calculated costs (not including the pallet tops, which were free regardless) it probably cost about $12 to build both of them. They really weren't hard to build, it took my husband (with me "supervising") around an hour total, so the plans for this tutorial will be really basic.

The four legs are 2x2" boards cut at 26" long. The Support Boards in-between the legs are also 2x2" boards cut at 10" long each.

Add four 2x2" boards to bulk up the outside of the frame.

Adding 1x2" boards beneath the Outer Base Boards will give the base extra support and visual interest.

Lastly, add some pallet boards to the top, leaving a 2" overhang around the whole perimeter of the table.

We painted the lower trim and legs white, but left the rest natural (with a little bit of my aging technique on the new wood) for a rustic feel.

The legs aren't 100% perfectly straight, but that doesn't bother us.

Now that we will be moving into a new house, I'm going to have to restage a whole house with all of our stuff... but you can expect to see these nightstands in the big reveal (whenever that may be, in a galaxy far, far away!)

Have a lovely day everyone! XO


  1. Very Cute! Congrats on the baby and the new house!

  2. So I love these!!!! You're so creative, I'm such a fan of the whole white and wood thing you've got going on :)
    I have a question though, where do you get pallets for free? I have my eye on a patio furniture project that I really wanna try this spring but I have no idea where to get them lol

    1. Thanks! I love the white & natural wood look- it's so fresh and clean! :)

      I'm actually doing a post on all things pallets on the 18th.

      But in the meanwhile, here's my scoop on where to find them:

      Almost every store uses them, so drive around & snoop out dumpster areas especially. We got most of ours from a pool supply company. You can find them on the sides of the road too. Sometimes people even put listings up on Craigslist because they have a bunch they need to get rid of.

      BUT always ask before taking. Business, after all, use them for work; so don't just assume they are free for the taking. Most the time they will say yes if you ask nicely. :)

      Hope that helps! :)

    2. OMG I just saw your reply now lmao!!
      Thank youu!! I actually started working at this kitchen and bath place aaaaand they just leave their pallets at the back which I'm pretty sure they throw away so I'm gonna ask when it starts getting warmer :D
      {lmao I live in Canada so you can imagine, it starts getting warm in like march/april :( }

  3. did I miss it....what are the size of the lower trim boards and outer base boards?

  4. Can you tell me how long the outer boards you used to bulk up the frame were?

    1. 14 and 18 inches. But you should measure to confirm that your cuts are snug. :)

      Hope that helps!

  5. where did you buy your 2x2's and 1x2's? I checked menards and theirs were all $7 each for a 6 footer. which would add up quite a bit for both end tables..... :(