We Lived Happily Ever After: September 2014

Monday, September 29, 2014

DIY Cork Board Art

Hey everyone! Did you all hear my big news about the new baby (HERE)? I've been over the moon excited! I can't wait to start working on the nursery. But in the meanwhile, let me share some more tutorials from June's new room (see the full reveal HERE)!

Saturday, September 27, 2014

It's a.....

We just found out yesterday that we are having a Baby BOY!

Whoo hooo! We are so excited!

To see a video of our gender reveal on instagram, go HERE (excuse the loud airplane that happened to be flying over as we were filming! :)

Have a lovely weekend everyone! I'm going to be sharing some fun DIY tutorials from June's room this next week!


Wednesday, September 24, 2014

DIY Arrow Printables

Today's post is part two of yesterday's post on DIY Arrows.

If you haven't seen that one yet, check it out HERE.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

How To Make Your Own Decorative Arrows!

Why hello everyone! If you have been following my blog for a while, you will have noticed that I have a crush on arrows. (see HERE, HERE, and HERE for starters!)

I knew that I wanted to incorporate some in June's Room ( see the full reveal HERE) but I also knew that I wanted to design them from scratch.

After searching without luck for colorful feathers for the arrows, I decided to make my own out of paper and watercolors. And guess what? I'm going to share those watercolor feathers with you in printable format tomorrow! 

UPDATE: See post HERE for the feather printables.

Friday, September 19, 2014

DIY Pallet Dresser

I am SO excited about this tutorial! My husband and I were given some old dressers when we were newly weds. To be honest, I hated the style. But beggars can't be choosers! :)

We kept them in our garage, and finally decided that we should either redo them, or give them away. To be honest, I didn't see the potential, but hey, that's why I married my husband! He was determined to fix them up (I can't wait to show you what we did with the other dresser... but that one will be saved for a later date!)

Now that you've seen it in the "Oh yeah, I should take a before photo" stage, aren't you in love? Yeah, me neither. I had already stripped some of the old molding off of the sides. Remember when I asked you all for advice on what I should do with it, here and here

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Make your own Bear Rug for $6

Hey everyone! Due to popular request, the first tutorial I will be sharing form June's Rustic Room, is this adorable bear rug!

I made it for a total cost of *insert sticker shock* $6 thanks to a 50% off coupon from Hobby Lobby. The actual fur was the only thing I had to purchase, because I had everything else already on hand.

However, if you factor in all those costs, the overall price would be like $10 to make.

The rug's dimensions are 40x48"

Friday, September 12, 2014

The Year's Last Loveliest Smile Free Printable

Hello Everyone!

Who is ready for fall? I am totally a summer girl, but this year, thanks to my pregnancy, I am craving thanksgiving dinner, and can't wait for the trees to start turning colors! I can't wait to justify wearing my knee high boots & loose sweaters (to hide my in between stage baby belly, lol!)

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

June's New "Rustic Cute" Room!

There is something that makes designing for kids WAY too much fun. I had a wonderful childhood... and (confession) I used to scribble all over the walls and "sign" my sister's name under my creations... problem was, she was only 2 at the time. I really wanted to give June a space where she can use her imagination... without drawing on the walls (thank you mega chalkboard downstairs!)

My daughter's animal loving heart is something she got from me. I remember that there was this one restaurant that had a real life size buffalo, and I always LOVED seeing it up close. Maybe that's why I've had so much fun in this space, because I've been able to incorporate my childhood memories into my daughter's room, and while it's completely made just for *her*, it's still a reflection of our similarities, and the things that I grew up loving.
Maybe I am really going over the top for June, but I know that would have LOVED having my own teepee in my room. Man, pinterest gives parents way too many cool ideas!

Anyhow, today is the day that I share everything that I've been working really hard on (in-between all the morning sickness!)

Ready to see some serious rustic cuteness?

Because we just moved in, this room was a complete blank slate, and it had "fake" wood floors! Yay! I'll take that over carpet any day!

This WHOLE ROOM was basically DIY'ed, including all the animals, so it was super affordable! I can't wait to talk more about this owl... but that will have to wait for another day. And no, it does not give her nightmares. As you can tell from her expression, she adores it!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

House Looking- and Photoshoped Possibilities

Hey Everyone! This girl has been busy looking into house buying possibilities. Right now we are renting and spending a lot of cash on our current housing. A mortgage would be at least 3/4 -1/3 cheaper for us right now. We would rather be putting that extra money into a house that we will eventually be able to sell, rather than down the "renting drain."

We really want to buy a house, but since we're military, there is always the "risk" of having to move on short notice. With that said, we are looking for a cheap fixer upper property that won't be too risky finance-wise. That way, if we have to turn around and move, we won't lose much if we can't sell our house right away.

Honestly, my plan is to make the house so irresistible, that it will be snatched up by a buyer right away... but you do have to consider the worst case scenarios too. 

So we went house looking today. I had high hopes for this 65K property below...

Isn't it lovely? Haha... NOT! I photoshoped a Google Earth view of it to see what we could do curb appeal wise... but we still hadn't actually seen it in person.

Now that I have seen it, lets just say that there is a reason it's only 65K... totally non-fanciable... mold so bad you couldn't breath... and it had a horrible, ugly interior, with sloping floors. I was expecting the ugly, but hoping there wouldn't be any water damage. I think we are going to pass on this one... okay, I KNOW we are going to pass on this one. Bummer, because it had a really nice lot.

One reason I wanted to share the above transformation is for all the boxy ranch haters (myself included!) to see the possibilities in a property that you would otherwise ignore.

A little bit (or a LOT) of love can really transform a simple house into a character home. Transformations like painting, adding a curvy porch and landscaping, and window trim go a long way.

This next transformation is from one that we are actually considering. It's at the top of our price range though... but it also doesn't have any health issues that would prevent us from moving in while fixing it up... or kill us. That's always a plus, right? 

What do you all think? Am I crazy? I mean, I'm 3 months pregnant with a two year old!

Do fixer uppers scare you? Or are you ready to tackle a project to save some money? Let me know in the comments below!

Ps. Most of the concepts I used for the transformations are based off of my "Dream Home" Pinterest board. Check it out HERE.