We Lived Happily Ever After: July 2014

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Night Stand Tables into Ottomans!

Hey Everyone! How are you all doing? The Husband and I have been working on lots of fun projects for our home... and last weekend, we started working on our bedroom! Oh, and we finally graduated from the queen air mattress that we've been using for a year (don't be horrified.. okay, be horrified) to a REAL, soft & fluffy mattress. My WHOLE home is finally coming together. 

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

New Etsy Listings & Two of MY Favorite Shops!

Premade Business Logo: Rustic Arrows and Flowers- with 2 Color Options

Hello Everyone. I hope you all have been doing lovely. I've been a little bit under the weather lately, but I have so many projects in the works that you all are going to love. Who want's to volunteer to help this tired mamma edit all my tutorial photos? Haha... but seriously, there are thousands of them!

Today, in lieu of a tutorial, I wanted to share with you all some snippets of prettiness from my Etsy Shop, found HERE. Even if you aren't in current need of a business logo right now, it doesn't hurt to look at this eye candy! ;)

Premade Business Logo: Vintage Birdcage with Flowers Logo

While I LOVE doing Custom Design jobs, they can be pretty pricey. So, with that I mind, I have set up my adorable little shop that focuses on "Pre-made Logos." The concept behind these lovely creations is to offer a cheaper (but still GORGEOUS) logo that can be customized with your brand's name. Most of them also have several color choices, so you still get the custom feel! While these are not one of a kind logos, and will be sold again (I do offer the option of buying them out, so they won't be resold) I can customize things like color, font, and even add extra embellishments at an affordable rate, giving you a unique logo. Most of my Pre-made Logos cost $35, and most add-on's like adding a custom color or changing to the structure of the logo, range from $10-20.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

10 Free Watercolor Fonts!

It's been a long time since I've done a font post- so I whipped this fun & colorful font collection last night for ya'll!

Let me clarify, these fonts don't type in watercolor... you have to rastorize them in order to add that effect, but it is SO easy to do in photoshop (see my tutorial on that process HERE) And there are some amazing freebie watercolor backgrounds that you can use for the watercolor texture, like Craftberry Bush's found HERE.

Monday, July 14, 2014

How to Distress New Wood to Look Old

Hey guys! I actually had this post scheduled for last week, but something went horribly wrong and the post disappeared into cyberspace. Because I was on vacation with my wonderful husband, I didn't have computer access to rewrite it, until now. 

Anyhow, here is the post that so many of you requested: 

How To Stain NEW Wood To Look OLD!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

My Favorite Thrifted Find EVER! I want your thoughts!

So if you follow me on Instagram (if not, you are missing out on the inside scoop!) you will have seen that I found two of these GORGEOUS antique chairs at my Habitat for Humanity for $9 A PIECE! What? I was so excited and basically guarding them until check out! Okay, I'm not a Black Friday crazy woman, I promise. This was just an amazing deal though! It will be such a fun upholstery and stain/paint job. 

To make this deal even better, I was browsing the other day and noticed that this is the exact chair that restoration hardware sells. WHAT? Yes, it does need some TLC, but I will take it, especially when these restoration hardware chairs cost $200-$500 a piece. (The online listing  for the one below is HERE if you are feeling like paying that much! ;)

I would say I scored major!

I am in the process of stripping all the staples, but I am torn on what I should do next. Should I stain the legs and do some sort of off white fabric (like the above chair) or paint the trim and perhaps do some color (similar to the below chair)

I am planning on these going in our master bedroom which (moment of truth) just has an air mattress and a mirror in it. 

(source unknown)

I don't want to go too bold... like these gorgeous purple chairs which makes them look so gorgeous and feminine (sigh)

But I DO want to highlight the amazing lines of this chair...without going all white... and risking baby fingerprints and peanut butter and jelly ruining the fabric. Yep, it's a definite possibility here.

Oh, another point, I'm afraid of off white clashing with our white walls.

What are your thoughts? Help a girl out and let me know what you think I should do in the comments below!

XOXO Hannah

Monday, July 7, 2014

DIY Gold String Globe Party Lights

There is something so lovely about twinkling lights. They are so romantic! I recently bought a string of them from Walmart for about $12 for a string of 30.

I bought them for June's room, and the "outdoor" green color just doesn't go with her room's color theme. I'm not going to leak any photos of the room yet, but today I wanted to share how to give your outdoor lights a stylish update for your indoors. 

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

10 Free Colorful Flower Digital Graphics

I just re-did my blog theme to incorporate my love for all things pretty, feminine, and floral! Did you notice? Haha! In honor of my relaunch, today I have some colorful Graphic Freebies for you all, along with a recap on my whole digital design process.

The one thing I can't stop drawing is flowers. They just make the world a prettier place. 

When I draw out something that will be used digitally, I start with pen and paper. Sometimes I use my Wacom Tablet which draws directly into photoshop (the exact tablet I use is this one HERE. It's awesome!)

But when I don't use my tablet, which would be most the time, I photograph my drwings. I have found that a good camera captures sketches in higher quality than a standard scanner. I use this Camera HERE. It's my baby. Well, after my other two babies that is! ;)

Next, to transfer it into a transparent digital graphic I follow this process HERE. When my graphics require color, I add it in photoshop as well. See how to use Watercolor Background HERE, or how to Add Color in-between the lines HERE.

My heart is to teach and show others how to design beautiful websites & digital art. So I really hope this post is useful to & inspires you.

They are Free for Personal Use, as always! If you are planning on using them commercially, or for branding, please purchase my commercial licence HERE. Also, please read my terms of use in the download folder, and follow the directions there if you have any questions. 

If you are making something to distribute freely (for example, a printable on your blog) make sure to read my terms of use included in the folder.

If you are having issues using this download link, please reference my FAQ post HERE to troubleshoot it.
To see how to use these graphics in Photoshop or Picmonkey, see my tutorial HERE. To see how to change the color of the graphics in Picmonkey, see this post HERE.

Disclosure: I have included product affiliate links in this post. But I ONLY recommend products I love and think you will too! :)