We Lived Happily Ever After: Military Wife Humor

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Military Wife Humor

While I wouldn't say that my husband came back from boot camp a "different person" there were some funny things I noticed during his 10 days of leave before heading out to MCT.

First, when I got my phone call the Sunday after the crucible (yes I was one of those lucky people who got a call from their Marine during Boot Camp) I totally didn't recognize his voice. He was like, "Hi, is this Hannah?" and even though I was expecting a call from him, I was like, "Yes, who is this?" He had totally lost his voice from all the yelling, and all that was left was deep & scruffy whispers. Haha! 

I didn't play any pranks on him, like yelling while he was sleeping to see if he would get out of bed in chaos (I kind of wanted to try though) ... my self control and love for my husband paid off because something even funnier happened! One of the days after he got back from boot camp, we were taking a "family nap." Silas was totally out of it, and June started crying, so I got up to get her so she wouldn't wake him up. But it apparently didn't work because Silas sat up in bed with a very blank look. I started talking to him, and he was giving me the "What?" face. He was totally unresponsive... and I though it was really weird. Then a minute later he told me what was going on in his head.

He said that he literally had the last 3 years blanked from his memories, and he was like, "Where am I?" and then looking at me, "Who is that? Oh, that's Hannah W. I know her from high school speech and debate. I think I married her." Then looking at June, "Who is the baby? Oh, that's MY baby!" 

Haha! Five minutes of total amnesia!

Anyways, there's a little bit of Military Wife humor for you! Hope you are all doing well!

Only 2 more weeks until my Marine and I are together! I can't wait to move into our new home! :)


  1. So funny. I'm so happy you all get to be together soon!

  2. I was super blessed to get a call from my best friend (in Navy Boot Camp) today! We actually got to talk for forty minutes. It was amazing. :)