We Lived Happily Ever After: 10 Valentine's Day Card Printables!

Friday, January 17, 2014

10 Valentine's Day Card Printables!


Hey guys! Hope you are all doing well. My life is crazy right now because I am in the middle of both MY move and helping MY PARENT'S move. And the crazy thing is that I'll be living out of a box for the next two months (just be March already please!)

I don't have the luxury of having my husband home for Valentine's Day this year (SOB!), and last year on Valentine's Day he was in USMC Bootcamp. It seems like the past several years we are always missing these special holidays and/or each other's birthdays... so I think I'm gonna have to mail him his valentine's this year. 

Today I have some fun Valentine's Day printables for you. Okay, I TRIED to make them non-chalkboard... but they just looked SO much better this way! Maybe next time, haha!

There are 10 cards in all (as shown above) and all you have to do is pres print, fold the page in half length-wise, and cut them out (make sure to cut off the white boarder off once you have your cards folded!

So basically, I did all the hard stuff for you all! ;)

Don't they look so adorable? While I tried to make some of the cards non "relationship" related (so they can be sent to friends) I just had to do a his and her set.

I was super inspired to do this loopy love one from a picture I saw on pinterest, here.

This printable is free for personal use, and is not to be sold or distributed. See my Terms of Use included in the folder for more info.

 If you are having issues using this download link, please reference my FAQ post HERE to troubleshoot it.
To download my chalkboard background, go to this post HERE, and if you want to download some of the hand drawn graphics I used in this post, check out my graphics section, HERE.

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  1. These are beautiful, Hannah, thanks so much!

    1. My pleasure! So glad you like them! <3