We Lived Happily Ever After: Cheap Last Minute Christmas "Vintage Book Page" Ornaments | Part 4

Monday, December 23, 2013

Cheap Last Minute Christmas "Vintage Book Page" Ornaments | Part 4

Happy "Eve of Christmas Eve!" Today I want to share ornament #4 with you all.

This one is so easy that you can whip tons of them out in no time.

First, choose the paper you want to use. I like using aged books because the pages have such a lovely vintage Christmasy feeling to them.

I sliced off the blank parts of the pages so I would only have text.

Cut your paper into strips and bend it over to make a loop.

Glue several loops together.

To hide the glued together ends of the loops.

Add a string to hang it and you have a perfect little Christmas Ornament!

The best part is that they are practically free to make & are perfect for filling up empty branches!

Make sure to check out the other ornaments in this series. 

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