We Lived Happily Ever After: 9 Wedding Guest Book Alternatives!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

9 Wedding Guest Book Alternatives!

I wasn't lucky enough to have Pinterest when I was planning my wedding. So I, regrettably  didn't see the purpose of a guest book. Yes, I regret it now. I was just too overwhelmed with all the other planning and didn't like the look of boring guest books anyways.

So in lieu of not having one, I hope all of you future brides will be inspired with these wonderful unique, and DIY'able Wedding Guest Book Ideas!

1. Polaroid Guest book- take your name and table number off the line and replace it with a Polaroid! 

2. River Rock Guest Book-perfect for using as home decor afterwards (have each guest describe the couple in one word) 

3. Envelope Guest Book 

4. Globe Guest Book-this would be wonderful for weddings with many international guests 

5. Typewriter Guest Book 

6. 3D Wedding Tree 

7. Adorable Jig Saw Puzzle Guestbook- With the option of having your photo on it 

8. Heart Guestbook - it an be displayed in a frame or on your wall after the wedding 
9. Have People write "Love Notes" and pin them with clothespins to a line 

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