We Lived Happily Ever After: The secret to making your Blog Tutorial & Etsy Photos Clean and Professional! {for only 60 ¢}

Thursday, October 25, 2012

The secret to making your Blog Tutorial & Etsy Photos Clean and Professional! {for only 60 ¢}

I get lots of people asking me how I get the white backgrounds in my photography for both my blog tutorials and my etsy photos. So today I thought I would share my method. 

The great thing about it is you can pretty much use any camera.

And the backdrop only costs 60 ¢ ! 

All you need is natural lighting, a chair, a board, tape, camera, and two 30 ¢ poster boards from Walmart.

Just place your item on the white poster and snap away, adjusting for your angles and depths. I like to shoot in as natural lighting as possible.

Instead of putting the posters at a 90 degree angle, which would give a harsh line in my photos, I adjust it to a curve, so it looks like a continuation of the first board.

Next you crop your image, and then play with the contrast in the white background to make it more seamless. 

If you don't own photoshop, I recommend trying Picmonkey out!  

Clean photographs can change your blog tutorials, or merchandise, from "Anyone could have done this" to "Wow! This looks professional!" 

And the funny thing is, as you and I now know, you don't have to be a professional photographer to get this reaction! Anyone can easily use this method!

So stay away from clutter, especially if you are selling a product! 

If you want your photos to look super clean and professional, give it a try! It really doesn't take much more work than taking photographs on your table or deck (and the results are so much prettier!!!)


  1. I love looking through your blog at all your wonderful ideas! And your photography is beautiful! Thank you for this helpful tutorial. I must ask though, what kind of camera do you use?

    1. Thank you! Well I have a point a shoot, so right now I am borrowing my sister in law's Canon T3 until I can get my own fancy camera.

      The blog is a work in progress, but I love spending time developing it! So many of my passions can be gathered in one place (art, photography, my baby, diy, cooking & sewing!)

      Thanks for stopping by!

      <3 Hannah

  2. can i used a normal digital camara

    1. Of course! You just want to try to take advantage (as with any other camera) of good lighting.

      <3 Hannah

  3. Hi! I found your site through Pinterest when I was looking for free fonts. I just wanted to say that I love your web page layout, it looks really great.
    I use a light box for my photos (same principle except indoors with directed light inside a cardboard box, lined with white paper) and I've been impressed with the results. I haven't used the outdoor method because I live in Canada and it is too cold and snowy outside to attempt :)

  4. What a fantastic idea! Thanks for sharing :) My dad was in the Indian army so I can relate to your life as a marine wife!