We Lived Happily Ever After: Make Up Game!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Make Up Game!


Today I am going to show you one of my favorite party games: The Make Up Game!

This is such a fun game to play! You have a poster like the one below & blind fold everyone (but not all at once :)

Then you give them some old or cheap make up (mascara, blush, concealer, eyeliner, lip stick and anything else you can think of!) and play pin the tail on the donkey big girl style!

The reactions you get are great! 

Team rules: 
Just make sure you set down rules that either,
You can't give any help to your team mate or  
You can only give 3 hints like "Move 3 inches to the left." That way you won't be there for foreverrrrr... (it has happened...)

Aren't these "after" posters lovely? I want these girls to do my makeup! Ha! (not really girls-I didn't really mean it!)


You can download the above poster for free in pdf form here and get it printed for $3 as an Engineer Print {24x36"} at Staples.


  1. This looks like a super fun game, Hannah! <3


    1. Dana, it is a blast! You have to try it! :)