We Lived Happily Ever After: Dying Lemons with Food Coloring (Myth or Fact???)

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Dying Lemons with Food Coloring (Myth or Fact???)

You may have seen pictures like this on Pinterest:

Unfortunately, these are both Photoshopped and as real as the below picture.

But don't let that dampen your spirits!
I HAD to give this myth a try, and I found that there is still a way to dye lemons with food coloring. Just not as vibrantly. And NOT the whole lemon! 

This is as good as you will get it. The Skin of the lemon will not soak up the coloring like the rest of it does.

All you do is slice up your lemons, pick your color & dump it into some water. Next, submerge your lemons into it and let them soak it up until you get the color you want (I let mine soak for about 30-45 minutes.)

One thing I learned was NOT to dump the food coloring on lemons without water. It will give the lemons uneven coloring. Instead, as shown in the picture with the blue lemons, submerge them completely in water that has an even distribution of food dye. If you do dump them onto the lemons raw, you will end up with a Pinstrosity!  

As you can see in the right picture, the lemon skin turns a slight greenish color.  
Wish it dyed the whole lemon! 

One other tip, you should sponge off any excess food dye so it won't change the color of your water too! You want those lemons to stand out!

If you like the thought of adding a punch of color to your beverages, check out my Colorful Ice Cubes Tutorial!


  1. Thank you! I was wondering if it was really possible to do! So glad to know what to expect!

  2. This looks like fun. :)


  3. Thanks^^ I saw this project in a Man vs.Pin video and he actually wasn't able to realize it,so I wanted to know if those photos were photoshopped.
    Your colorful ice is cool^^

  4. I wonder if you dyed them from the stem soaking up the water just like you'd dye a flower if that would work more like the Pin Pic?