Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Hoodie to T REX!!!!

Some of you may have seen my "Hoodie to Hippo" tutorial. I had some left over fabric, so I decided to make a "Hoodie to T Rex" stuffed animal too. 

With that said, meet Mr. T. (haha! We decided we couldn't name him Rex, and them my husband said we should name him after Mr. T)

Here is how Mr. T came into being.

 Tada! That wasn't so hard was it? (Okay, kinda time consuming)

To all those asking why I made such a scary looking toy... Everyone needs an arch villain toy, right? If you are looking for a nicer, cuter stuffed animal, I do those too!

This one is being saved for all my future boys... But baby girl is very fascinated with him! :)


"The End" ;)
Well, that's it for now. Hope this tutorial inspired you all to up-cycle and make your own stuffed T Rex!

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