Tuesday, March 3, 2015

"It Is Well With My Soul" Free Printable

Hey Everyone! Recently I have had to constantly remind myself what a beautiful life God has given me. Sure it's not always perfect, but it really is wonderful & it's MY CHOICE to be content and see the joy in everything! I really do believe that a positive attitude can shift your circumstances, and just make life happier for everyone!

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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Fun Things to Come!!!

I'm 39+3 weeks pregnant today, with baby number 2! You bet I am spending most my time googling "how to induce labor!" Haha! 

I've had several "boy moms" tell me how hard it is to decorate (and buy clothes) for boys, because the commercial market focuses on girls. I totally agree! While I had the time of my life putting June's room together (see it HERE) I wanted to think outside the box of "baby blue" and "cars and airplanes" now that we are expecting a baby boy. Not that there is anything wrong with those styles, but I think they are way overdone; and I wanted something more interesting & unique for my little boy.

With all that said, I have'n been sharing as many DIY's with you all lately, mainly because they are all from the "top secret" nursery project I have been working on for the past couple months. Now that it's pretty much done, I thought you all deserve a behind the scenes sneak peak before the big reveal!

I am SUPER excited because I actually finished everything I wanted to do/dreamed up for the nursery, like this rocking horse rhino I made. It was one of those things that I REALLLY wanted to do, but didn't know if I could pull actually off. I postponed it for months, and last week I was like, "I'm going to give it a shot!" It was the hardest stuffed animal I've made to date, but I think it's my new favorite! Now to trim the baseboards to make it actually rock... Haha!

This nursery/little boy's room is full of super fun DIY's & I have to say it's totally my favorite space EVER! Don't worry, while all these sneak peaks are seriously awesome, I am still holding out on some of the most unique parts of the room. So this post is not a total spoiler. ;)

June kind of stole this sweater polar bear for herself. Haha! And yes, her boots are on the wrong feet. That's what you get when you let your three year old dress herself! ;)

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