Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Night Stand Tables into Ottomans!

Hey Everyone! How are you all doing? The Husband and I have been working on lots of fun projects for our home... and last weekend, we started working on our bedroom! Oh, and we finally graduated from the queen air mattress that we've been using for a year (don't be horrified.. okay, be horrified) to a REAL, soft & fluffy mattress. My WHOLE home is finally coming together. 

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

New Etsy Listings & Two of MY Favorite Shops!

Premade Business Logo: Rustic Arrows and Flowers- with 2 Color Options

Hello Everyone. I hope you all have been doing lovely. I've been a little bit under the weather lately, but I have so many projects in the works that you all are going to love. Who want's to volunteer to help this tired mamma edit all my tutorial photos? Haha... but seriously, there are thousands of them!

Today, in lieu of a tutorial, I wanted to share with you all some snippets of prettiness from my Etsy Shop, found HERE. Even if you aren't in current need of a business logo right now, it doesn't hurt to look at this eye candy! ;)

Premade Business Logo: Vintage Birdcage with Flowers Logo

While I LOVE doing Custom Design jobs, they can be pretty pricey. So, with that I mind, I have set up my adorable little shop that focuses on "Pre-made Logos." The concept behind these lovely creations is to offer a cheaper (but still GORGEOUS) logo that can be customized with your brand's name. Most of them also have several color choices, so you still get the custom feel! While these are not one of a kind logos, and will be sold again (I do offer the option of buying them out, so they won't be resold) I can customize things like color, font, and even add extra embellishments at an affordable rate, giving you a unique logo. Most of my Pre-made Logos cost $35, and most add-on's like adding a custom color or changing to the structure of the logo, range from $10-20.

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